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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  January 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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sounds better every time. the broncos are moving on. one step closer to the super bowl. >> . win. over the steelers. to advance to next weeks championship game. that will be played right here in denver. sports director here now with the highlights of today's game. >> one of 4 teams left in the league. just two wins away.
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one win away from advancing. they got it done in the typical dramatic come from behind style. >> . no turn overs today. but they had a lot of these. one of 7 drops in the first half alone. broncos trail at half. the game. peyton manning pressured. falls down. he got back up. untouched -fpt that's a live football. >> . the go ahead touch down.
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more from the fans. out there live right now. >> . some of the play calling i thought we tentative. we should have gone for the first down.
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>> the roller coster of emotions made the victory sweeter. >> the whole game was nail biting. to win at the end. go broncos. >> . even steeler fans paid their respect. >> we got beat by a better team. >> i just want them to beat new england. that's all. >> . you bet broncos country is already thinking. about next sunday. >> bring on the pats. that was the chant that rang loud. the hype was huge. i can only imagine how fired up broncos country will be. the defending champs are headed
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>> she to wear. you can see her in the stands. she's been behind bars on a drug conviction since thomas was just eleven years old. only got out in november. after the game, manning gave demaryious thomas the game ball. to give his mom. >> . injured denver police officer was honored at game today. he received a big mile high salute. at sports authority field. he and his family were recognized on the field after the first quarter. he worked off duty at the games before he was hit by a car and
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>> her dying wish was to meet him. he called her up. says she's in his thought prayers. today she saw him lead the broncos to sreupbg victory. >> . i love the broncos. and peyton manning. and just this is just exciting. >> he's fighting for her. and i hope they win it. and amazing to go out that way. >> . >> harris did get that call from manning after her daughters
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>> . if you just can't wait to go. the broncos announce tickets will go on sale tomorrow at noon. available on ticket master. and will only be sold to people with billing addresses in the including colorado. utah. wyoming. nebraska. montana. south dakota and western kansas. >> . ticket prices will range from a
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>> . the attack happened around 12:30 this afternoon. it's unclear what kind of dogs the neighbors had. the family says they were really big. and weighed about 150 pounds each. >> . >> they were in the blanket wrapped up.
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>> so. >> with teeny gone. and one recovering. after multiple wounds. the only pup home now is drake o. >> he got his ear torn up. but is doing well. >> it will take time to heal. >> tonight. the family is asking dog owners to be more aware. not just of your pets. but others. >> . dramatic. >> ( traumatic.
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dogs -fpl the other dog was taken away by animal control. she does want to press charges >> . 4 people in custody tonight. car. it all happened at the intersection of florida and federal. just before noon today. officers say the 4 people were driving in the area. when at least one of them pulled out a gun and fired shots at another car.
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>> patience is truly a vir which virtue. >> how one target employees patient actions made a deeper impact than he realized.
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space ex-launched an unmanned rocket today. that put satellite into space. check it out. things went downhill when the rocket attempted the secondary goal. to land up raoeulgt upright on a platform. the the owner posted this video. saying the rocket hit the plat
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>> . the coast guard now the search now extends -l 8 miles from the the north shore area. >> . search and rescue crews in new mexico. are looking for man pr colorado.
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>> . >> he was searching for treasure. >> right. he was out in new mexico searching for the treasure by himself. but now nobody has heard from him. since january 4. he's now listed as missing. police try to figure out what happened. >> >> he really enjoyed the add adventure. he went all the time. he hasn't come back from the latest trip. almost two weeks ago he set out. for a treasure hunt. he parked his car at popular reck area. near the rio grand. on friday a search and rescue
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nine miles downstream from the spot. >> >> rest of his family lives in florida. they're trying right now in the meantime. to get his dog back home to them. there has been a go fund me
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you can find a link on >> born and raised in pittsburg. >> i'm sorry. >> . no now that they're out. i hate the patriots with a passion. >> .
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>> . next weekend looks great. for the championship game. today was good. except one aspect of the weather. it was this here. which is actually now beginning to calm down. the winds were just swirling around. sports authority field. earlier today. >> before things begin to back
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tomorrow afternoon. i'm still anticipate 20g and 30 miles per hour winds. nothing compared to what the next 4, 5 and 6 hours will bring. highs today did well. although at the airport a little cooler. 38 for the daytime high. downtown however we did better than that. into the mid 40s. i think we'll do better than that. still.
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>> cooling back down into the low teens and single digits. in the upper elevations. skies are quiet. starry conditions over head. downtown a couple passing clouds here and there. we enter tomorrow morning. good news for the high country. we are settling the snow down for now. i think the next 24 hours though. at least 24 hours from now. we might see a reemergence of the snowfall. for the meantime. things are settled. >> . i don't think it will make its way into the downtown area. here it is the future cast. notice partly cloudy skies early tomorrow morning. up and down i 25. light snow generated there. by seven o'clock tomorrow morning. in the mountains. once we get through the late day.
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>> so 23. over night tonight. downtown. partly cloudy. chilly windchills at times. especially to the west of the city. tomorrow afternoon, partly cloudy. call it 50 for the high. if you like the warm air, it will stick arpd for a bit. mid and upper 40s through the rest of the week. maybe 50s by friday and saturday.
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the first time they have seen went viral. a couple days ago. it was just an ordinary tuesday. tpraz -led after work. crunched for time. she popped into a target store. right near her house. hoping the trip would be in and out. she got in a shorter line. but the elderly woman was paying for everything in change. >> i was at firster at a timed. and frustrated. thinking of my long day. and unnecessary time line to get home. and get the kids bathed and. i stopped for a moment. >> she noticed that the cashier was patiently helping the woman. coin by coin. >> . >> she kept telling me she's sorry. >> . someone else was also watching. her 3 and a half year-old
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>> i thought, this stranger is teaching my daughter something that i could never teach her. >> . she snapped the photograph. posted it on target facebook. with a message about her experience. >> and it went viral.
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let's check out the talkers. >> . check this out first. a car smashes into a gas station. in australia. nearly hitting a woman inside. you can see the woman steps out of view. moments before the car comes barreling through the store. amazingly she wasn't hurt. nobody else inside the store was hurt either. authorities blocked off the area to clean up the mess. they're investigating whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. >> the woman who played the power ball and lost. tried to get reimbursed. she et up a go fund me. saying her family spent a fortune on the ticket. expecting to win. they didn't. and she wrote we exhausted our funds and are in dire need of cash. she raised 8 hundred dollars. of the requested one hundred thousand dollars. before the account got shut >> not really the purpose. >> . did somebody not tell her the >> poor cinnamon.
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i wonder how much she spent.
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